sunday music

The James Clode BandThe James Clode Band

Sunday 24 May | 9pm

JCB are a 9 piece riveting, rock band, with a twist of folk, country and a few melodic sounds thrown in enhanced by the sounds of sax and violin. Formed in June 2013, and led by the amazing voice of James Clode,  their album CITADEL was released in April 2014, and they have recently recorded an EP due for release in April 2015.

Most recently they were performing at the O2 London as part of the Country 2 Country 2015 lineup, and they have just won the battle of the bands slot to play the Watchet Festival 2015. It’s proving to be a busy year for these guys, so thank goodness they’ve got time to come and play at the Welsh Perry & Cider Festival.

The Bleedin’ NosesThe Bleedin' Noses

Sunday 24 May | 7pm

The Bleedin Noses are six piece band from Blackwood, South Wales which was formed five years ago as a music and film project and has now developed into fully functioning touring band.

Their unique passionate sound doesn’t seem to fit into any particular genre as such but if pushed, it could be described as Welsh Hill Billy Country Punk with a little Rockin Rollin Skiffle, delivered with a fierce and feral punk attitude, a full on musical hurricane, 100% pure energy.

With such a dizzy kaleidoscope of sounds to absorb, you could be forgiven for thinking that the lyrics weren’t important. That would be a huge mistake. These are howling odes that scream at the dominance of the few over the many, with echoes of pain, frustration and discontent, hidden behind wonderfully written, accessible and enjoyable tunes, all from a bunch of extremely talented musicians.


Sunday 24 May | 5.30pm

Singer/Songwriter, Presenter & Rock N Roll Chef. Contestant of BBC’s The Voice 2013.

On 1st March Ragsy launched his debut album Ouch!!!, a soulful blend of powerful vocals, beautiful acoustic melodies and heart-on-your-sleeve songwriting.  Crafted over a two-year period following his time on BBC’s The Voice in 2013, mentored by Sir Tom Jones; ‘Ouch!!!’ is a record of the highs and lows, where Ragsy’s distinctive voice tells an honest and impassioned tale of life’s unpredictability.

Through numerous radio performances and assured live shows at such esteemed events as Glastonbury, Wakestock,
Brecon Fringe and Ponty’s Big Weekend, Ragsy has been building a loyal fanbase that will undoubtedly
grow in even greater number when he tours in support of this debut – and the Welsh Perry & Cider Festival being part of this anticipated tour.

Steve Wurzel & The Scrumpy Swillers

Steve Wurzel & The Scrumpy Swillers

Sunday 24 May | 4pm

Steve Wurzel has a peculiarly West Country view of life which seems to consist mainly of imbibing farmhouse cider, eating the finest local foods and keenly observing local traditions, which when put to song translate as drinking scrump, with a gert big slab of Cheddar cheese and ‘aving a proper larf at the daft buggers round yer.

2014 saw the end of the Scrumpy & Western parody band Combyne ‘arvester, who Steve Wurzel fronted in the final years, and still with a few great West Country-ized songs from the back catalogue and new material un-aired, and a fairly basic grasp of playing a ukulele, he played solo, leaving audiences laughing, bemused and smiling.

2015 sees the formation of “The Scrumpy Swillers”, best described as a loose collective of Steve Wurzel’s musician friends press ganged into supporting him in the scrumpy freedom fighters cause, and having a lot of fun doing it. Expect to hear your favourite tunes, parodied with Scrumpy & Western lyrics.. proper job ‘n all.

Calum Ross & The Scarlets

Calum Ross & the Scarlets

Sunday 24 May | 2.30pm

Hailing from Cardiff, Calum Ross and the Scarlets are a powerful four piece who play their own mix of pop, rock, soul and and blues. Fronted by the president of pop himself, Calum Ross, they’ve spent seven years entertaining audiences from the Millennium Stadium to the Cardiff Bay.

And now they’re welcomed back to the stage at Caldicot Castle to entertain the crowds in a way that only the Calum and his Scarlets can.

Tobias Robertson

Tobias Robertson is a young passionate folk singer/songwriter with a lot to offer the music scene, as he gives his all to each and every performance, with his fresh twist on acoustic which includes an alternative approach to storytelling in song. Anyone who appreciates live music, all ages and all backgrounds will find themselves relating to this young artist, as audiences tend to relax while thinking about the messages he portrays in his songs.

In 2011 Tobias released his first studio EP under the management of “Hype On Records” titled ‘Knight In Shining Armour”. After much gigging and a small break to find his own feet after leaving Hype On’s management, Tobias is ready to release his second EP and this time has full control over the production of it. Look out for the new record “Moments” this year…


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