Cider & Perry: Make your choice…

So the names are all in. We are pleased to be able to share with you the list of 123 ciders and perries that will grace the shelves of the cider bar this weekend at the Welsh Perry & Cider Festival at Caldicot Castle.

There will be 98 products from Welsh producers, and 25 from our European guests. Finding one (or two, or three) that you like, will surely not be hard, whether it’s a dry, tannic cider or a light sparkling perry.

Make your preparations now and take a look at the list below. Then when you reach the festival, your programme will guide you carefully through the ciders by company, and will ask you to rate your choices; that way you’ll know which you want to go back and try again.

Welsh Perry & Cider

Afal y Graig Cwmafan, Neath Port Talbot Perry Afal Y Graig Dry Dry
Perry Afal Y Graig Medium Medium
Perry Afal Y Graig Sweet Sweet
Apple County Cider Newcastle, Monmouth Cider Apple County Naughty Horsey Dry 7.0
  Cider Apple County Naughty Horsey Medium Medium 7.0
  Cider Apple County Cider Co (Bottled) Medium 6.0
  Perry Blakeney Red Apple County Medium 7.5
  Cider Dabinett Medium (Bottled) Medium 6.5
Borderland Beauty Newtown, Powys Cider Borderland Beauty Dry
Cider Borderland Brave Medium
Brecon Beacons Cider Bwlch, Powys Cider Beast of the Beacons Dry
Cider Black Mountains Beauty Medium
Perry It’s All Gone Pear Shaped Medium
Cider Oakey Dokey Medium
Cider Sugar Loaf Seidr Sweet
Camrose Cider Company Camrose, Pembrokeshire Cider Bish Bash Bosh Dry 5.2
Cider Luvvly Jubbly Medium 6.6
Dee Ciders Connahs Quay, Flintshire Cider Richard’s Medium Dry Med/Dry 6.4
Cider Richard’s Medium Medium 6.4
Cider Richard’s Sweet Sweet 6.4
Gethin’s Cyder Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire Cider Drunderwood Medium 7.0
Cider Gethin’s (Bottled) Medium
Cider Hapus Medium
Cider Melys Sweet
Cider Sych Dry
Gwynt y Ddraig Nr Pontypridd, RCT Cider Ancient Warrior Dry 6.5
Cider Black Dragon Medium 7.2
Cider Celtic Warrior Medium 6.0
Cider Gold Medal (Bottled) Med/Dry 7.0
Perry Perry Vale (Bottled) Medium 4.5
Perry Two Trees Medium 4.5
Hallets Cider Crumlin, Caerphilly Cider Blindfold Medium 6.0
Cider Hallets Oak Aged Medium 6.0
Perry Hallets Perry Medium 4.5
Perry Hallets Real Perry (Bottled) Medium 4.5
Cider Hallets Real Cider (Bottled) Medium 6.0
Cider Heartbreaker Dry 7.0
Cider National Treasure Sweet 5.0
Cider Rum Cask Medium 6.0
Llanblethian Orchards Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan Perry Glamorgan Perry Med/Swt
Perry Glamorgan Perry (bottled) Med/Swt
Cider May Day Sweet
Perry Pick & Mix Dry
Cider Royalist Dry
Cider Sunshine Medium
Cider Sunshine (Bottled) Medium
Old Monty Cider Garthmyl, Montgomery Cider Happy Medium Medium 7.2
Cider Kingston Black Dry 7.2
Cider Oaky Cokey (oak conditioned) Med 7.2
Perry PearyGL Medium 6.0
Cider Sweet Anita Sweet 6.5
Palmer’s Upland Cyder Rogerstone, Newport Cider Cheeky Jackdaw Medium 6.5
Cider Chub Fuddler Medium 6.0
Perry Croes Wen (Bottled) Sweet 4.5
Perry Farmhouse Perry Med/Swt 6.5
Cider Keeved Special Reserve (Bottled) Sweet 4.5
Cider Little Jenny Wren Sweet 6.0
Cider Tom Bombadilo Sweet 4.5
Cider Ty Du Dry 6.0
Pontymeddyg Cider Dinas Cross, Pembrokeshire Cider Doctors’ Orders Dry 6.4
Perry Panacea Dry 6.7
Cider Pandemig Sweet 6.9
Cider Shipman’s Revenge Medium 7.2
Raglan Cider Mill Raglan, Monmouthshire Perry Barn Owl Dry
Cider Boris’ Brainbender Dry 5.5
Cider Hanky Panky (Oak Conditioned)
Cider RCM Dry Dry
Perry Snowy Owl
Seidr O Sir Hundred House, Powys Cider Betws Medium
Cider Cantref Sweet
Perry Colwyn Dry
Cider Maes edwy Dry
Seidr Y Mynydd Mynyddygarreg, Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire Cider Seidr Y Mynydd (Bottled) sweet 3.0
Skyborry Cider & Perry Knighton, Powys Cider Skyborry Dry Cider Dry
Cider Skyborry Keeved Cider (bottled)
Cider Skyborry Medium Cider Medium
Perry Skyborry Medium Perry Medium
Three Saints Usk, Monmouthshire Cider A Bit of Rough Dry 6.5
Perry Blush Medium
Perry Divine Sweet
Cider Scrumpthos Medium 5.5
Troggi Seidr Earlswood, Monmouthshire Perry Broom Medium
Cider Earlswood Oak Conditioned
Cider Kilgwrrwg Sweet
Cider St Teilo Dry
Perry Tregagle Dry
Cider Troggi Seidr (Bottled)
Perry Troggi 2010 (Bottled)
Perry Troggi 2011 (Bottled)
Ty-Bryn Cider Grosmont, Monmouthshire Perry Blakeney Red Perry Medium 5.4
Perry Lazy Days Perry Medium 5.4
Cider Sunset Oak Medium 6.6
Cider Vintage Oak Dry 6.8
Williams Brothers Llanbradach, Caerphilly Cider Biffin Sweet
Cider Bonk Medium
Cider Growler Dry
Cider Splanky Medium
Cider Stoke on Taff (bottled)

European Cider & Perry

Bartestree Cider Co Bartestree, Herefordshire Perry Blakeney Red Medium 5.0
Cider brown snout Sweet 4.0
Cider Brown Thorn Sweet 3.0
Cider Mangle of Doom Sweet 4.0
Perry Mysterious tree #3 Sweet 4.0
Bland’s Cider Lisores, Normandie, France Cider Naturally Sparkling Blackberry & Apple 5.5
Cider Naturally Sparkling Dry Dry 5.5
Cider Naturally Sparkling Late Harvest Sweet 3.0
Cider Naturally Sparkling Medium Medium 4.5
Perry Naturally Sparkling Perry Pear 5.5
Cider Naturally Sparkling Strawberry 4.2
Toby’s Cider County Armagh, Northern Ireland Cider Toby’s Handcrafted Festival Special Medium 8.0
Cider Toby’s Handcrafted “Katy” Sweet 7.0
Cider Toby’s Handcrafted Original Dry 6.0
Wilcox Cider Shipham, Somerset Cider Traditional Dry Dry 6.0
Cider Traditional Medium Medium 6.0
Cider Traditional Sweet Sweet 6.0
Cider Red Streak (Bottled) 5.0
Cider Still Filtered Medium (Bottled) Medium 5.0
Cider Yarlington Mill (Bottled) 5.0
Nempnett Cider Company Nempnett Thrubwell Perry Claret Perry 6.0
Cider Piglet’s Dry Dry 6.0
Perry Piglet’s Perry 6.0
Cider Piglet’s Sweet Sweet 6.0
Cider Somerset Red Streak 6.0

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