Medieval Monday

Circus Skills

Last year we started something… and we didn’t really know if it would work… but safe to say, it was a success! And hey, we’re in a castle, so we had to really…

Back by popular demand is the family fun of Medieval Monday. As you enter the site you will be greeted by a stilt walking Jester Jill who may show you a juggling trick or two. Head over to the circus skills tent and you can have a go at various tricks yourself.

Always wondered what was served up for lunch several centuries ago? The History Chef will be cooking up some tasty treats to show you exactly that. Get involved and try your hand at grinding the giant nutmeg.

And then go and try out the giant game of King Kubb. This game has been played right back to Viking times. Suitable for all ages, opposing teams pit their skills against each other across a court to capture the king. Practice all weekend to take part in the Monday tournament and win your Champion’s trophy.

There’s even a children’s knights and princess themed fancy dress. Put on your best armour or your special princess gown for the opportunity to win a prize for best dressed. Even get your face painted on site with staff from the Little Tigers Club, Rogiet.

Plenty to keep the children entertained… okay, and the grown ups!


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