Good cider needs good food!

Apart from the cider, our visitors always commend us on our quality food offer. Over the year’s we’ve had everything from samosas, to cheese boards, to beautiful big beefy burgers on a bus, to pizzas straight from the clay oven, and even pickled eggs.

Sustenance is key!

Our festival is that it is all about the producers. The cider makers get together to run the Welsh cider bar so you know you’re talking to an ‘expert’ when you’re asking for a recommendation. The people you’re talking to behind the bar carefully crafted the cider or perry that they are confidently selling to you.

And the food is no different.

We want the producers and the chefs to tell you about the produce they are cooking up, and even name the farm that your slow roasted hog came from should you want to know! So we want good, quality local food suppliers at the festival.

Are you interested? Then drop us an email.

All this food talk is making me hungry…


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